Mondo merger in advertising: trend will reveal value of “Mad Men”

Posted: August 5, 2013 in content creation
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Chefs Cooking Stock Photography - Image: 14985412


Question: do you need a Michelin-star chef or will a cook do? 

It’s been a week since the mega deal was announced but the merger of Publicis with Omnicom will resonate for years. It’s a sign of the times in which we do business — and the times to come. Putting it mildly the ad biz model is in turmoil today, creative and media.  In Ken Auletta’s Googled, Viacom’s Mel Karmazin tells Sergey Brin that Google was “…fucking with the magic”.  Meaning that the company was taking creative out of advertising and replacing it with algorithms. A more efficient marketplace. Transparency. Auctions. Math.

Here’s the issue: In those corners of business where advertising is basically of the classified variety, straight information is adequate. In others, not so much. Or, as this week’s Economist puts it: “The talent for creating memorable and persuasive ad campaigns will always be in demand, and not all advertisers will be capable of doing it for themselves.” This is the point.

There are cooks and there are chefs. A cook may be adequate for dinner parties and even draw rave reviews.  But who do you want catering your daughter’s wedding?  When stakes are highest, opt for Mad Men over math men.

When he’s not ranting on this site or directing global branding and communications for FilterMag,  Stan DeVaughn’s observations can be read on The Write Stuff along with those of his agency compatriot Peter Davé.


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