Why more face-time with writers and content creators is more useful than you might think

Posted: April 8, 2013 in marketing, Silicon Valley
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Would in-house technology product and marketing teams benefit if they met more often, in person, with the writers/creators of their product marketing content? It’s a given that the writing/creating team would. But to our way of thinking it’s a two-way deal. And let’s face it, face-time’s been a big deal in the news lately.

The more familiar that writers can become with the insights and knowledge residing in the heads of their clients, the more clarity and understanding they can gain. Likewise, when the in-house team living so close to the trees, so to speak, can hear more questions and observations from third parties more frequently, they can’t help but get a better understanding of the forest by seeing it from a new, or at least a different, perspective. They can also gain more understanding of the marketing and sales point of view from the outside in.

It’s hardly an argument that all content utilized in the marketing and selling process must be as compelling and engaging as it is comprehensive. Content that is wooden, formulaic and indistinguishable from competitors’ propaganda falls flat in a short-attention-span marketplace. Conversely, content informed by an outside-in point of view stands a far better chance of standing out from the crowd and building the brand as customer-friendly, customer-centric.

Do your content creators get to mix with your in-house teams on a regular basis or are they limited to the perfunctory “sourcing sessions”? We understand the value of time, of course,  but might an investment in more face-time and F2F interchange pay off, too?  Is it feasible to explore commonality of interest here? How often do your in-house folks shmooze with the outside team?

 When Stan DeVaughn is not ranting on this site, you can read him and his comrade-in-communications, Peter Davé, on The Write Stuff, the blog of Write Angle, Silicon Valley’s premiere writing and content-creation agency for the I.T. industry.

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