Birthplace of Silicon Valley deserves a better fate

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Silicon Valley
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Three ninety-one San Antonio Road in Mountain View is about as nondescript an edifice as you’ll find in an urban environment not renowned for distinct architecture.  But it was here, more than half-a-century ago that the world changed. Yes, changed — commercially, educationally, scientifically — every which way. It was right here where transistors evolved into semiconductors, innocuous electronic components that would be the progenitor of the personal computer, the smartphone, the Internet and social media. If you can say there was a Big Bang for the digital universe we live in and take for granted today, it was this invention.

The building has had many tenants since the demise of Shockley Laboratory and exodus of engineers and entrepreneurs whose diaspora seeded what would soon evolve into Silicon Valley.  Now its fate is in the bulldozing hands of big property developers looking to exploit the latest building boom in Santa Clara County.  Can’t fault them for that. It’s still “the Valley”, after all. But it’s just not right for Ground Zero of high tech to merit only a generic tombstone of a memorial on the site. It’s described here, several paragraphs into a related story.  In fact, it’s a damn shame. You’d think somebody in the neighborhood could “innovate” a solution, wouldn’t you?

When Stan DeVaughn is not ranting on this site, you can read him and his comrade-in-communications, Peter Davé, on The Write Stuff, the blog of Write Angle–Silicon Valley’s premiere technology writing and content creation agency for the I.T. industry.


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