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This piece on the CES extravaganza in Las Vegas prompts us at Write Angle to caution our fellow marketers on the PR front — at least those who can’t help hitting the hype keys on their notebooks, desktops or tablets as their clients launch new offerings. Says Benny Evangelista of the San Francisco Chronicle: “…So for the past few weeks, public relations representatives have been sending a deluge of press releases on behalf of their clients, whether they make iPhone cases or Ultra HD monitors. One press release, for example, breathlessly alerted us that a client would be showing ‘the biggest product of 2013 at CES and this would be a great opportunity for you to get special sneak peak before it goes public!’ That is, of course, if it ever does go public.”

Fact is, customers are up to here with technology today They’re skeptical of gaudy, breathless claims.  As never before, we’re in a time when people want marketers to prove it, not hype it. Buyers will always reward the manufacturer who finds a real need and fills it.  The key is to communicate a genuine value proposition in language that is straightforward and compelling.  As we’ve seen time and again, value is determined by users, not the horn-blowers at showtime. How does your marketing team purge hype from proof?  How do you vet language in marketing content? How does your brand ensure that it doesn’t become grist for reporters’ humor mills?


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