As a technology writing service, Write Angle does business in the heart of what’s become known as “content marketing”.  Frankly, we have never been entirely comfortable with that term. It’s always seemed like a redundancy — another gimmicky buzzphrase.

Marketing has always been about “content”. Written, illustrated photographed and now uploaded and downloaded on video and podcasts. All of it made even more ubiquitous — and downright intrusive at times — with the rise of the Internet and digital marketing.

It was the advent of search that made “content is king” a trendy concept — specifically search engines and search-engine optimization (SEO) . SEO has become its own industry category. But this past year has not been so good for a lot of SEO firms because of algorithm updating by Google to thwart efforts to game the rankings with low quality or “scraped” content, keyword stuffing and link schemes. Much of this content is stunningly low quality, which is not surprising since much of it is created by bots, not lazy writers. SEO consultancies collect data from Google and other sources and use the information to track site rankings. There was a time when Google gave a pass to companies using low-quality content and the scraped data they used to plump their ratings.  Happy to report that day is past.

Write Angle is in the Entrepreneur Magazine camp when it comes to SEO strategy in content marketing which is simply this: focus on the quality of your site in terms of visitor interactions, content value and other on-site elements — and lighten up on complex SEO techniques designed to boost rankings.

What we see going into 2013 is clear: Content quality will grow in importance. Don’t be among those who still rely on keyword-optimized or scraped (copied and pasted) content to fill your pages. Seek creators of top quality content to stock your site with real value.

“Getting your content quality up now,” said Entrepreneur’s A.J. Kumar, “offers one of the best opportunities to protect your site from future algorithm changes”.  It’s also a tried and true means of attracting and engaging qualified visitors you can convert into customers.


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