Mobile technology is about the data we create, not the devices we use

Posted: November 9, 2012 in content creation, marketing, PR, Silicon Valley
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Several years ago, as publicist for product design consultant Smart Design, I worked in close collaboration with the firm’s marketing head, Abby Godee. Today, as executive strategy director at Frog Design, Abby gets the chance to look into the future as she did earlier this year in this piece for Fast Company. Happy to say I’m in violent agreement with her take on where mobile technology is headed. Much of the work we’re doing right now for IT vendors in Silicon Valley confirms that things really are, in her words, “moving quickly into a technology space where mobility is becoming less about a set of devices and more about the data we all generate”. In practice, the tsunami-like trend of employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) with them to their offices has created a mandate for IT departments to say “yes” to employees who want to use these devices the way they would anywhere else, easily and securely.

Consumer technology has turned enterprise IT on its head. Employees, from the CEO on down, use their own smartphones, tablets and notebooks in everyday business. So it’s all about multiple platforms and operating systems and mobile consumer apps being used for business purposes. This makes it necessary to ensure corporate data security and compliance, but with no compromise to productivity. It’s BYO device, apps, data and ultimately IT. And make no mistake, enabling BYO behavior promises new levels of efficiency far too important to ignore, whether you’re in IT or product design.


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