Props to Marketo’s deconstruction of today’s requisite skills and temperament for marketing in the digital culture.  In 2008 Steve Turner and I wrote the book on how forward-looking marketers could leverage the the social-marketing revolution that was hotly underway.  Our predictions were pretty accurate as it turned out, but I admit you’d have to have been unconscious at the time not to have seen some of this stuff coming.  As it happened, some folks were — but that’s a topic for another time. Here’s the way  sums up IDC’s survey of CMOs, which gives us a consensus on today’s dream-team for marketing departments. You want process-geared, systems thinkers who are service-minded, detail-oriented and analytical by nature; with a passion for their craft and are problem-solvers at heart.  The trick is, especially for an early-stage outfit, to find a combination of these traits in one or two individuals.  Good luck with that.  Still, it’s useful see it all spelled out like a recipe.

As for skills required, there may not be anything new here but, again, putting it all down on a list makes it easier to absorb and remember: first and foremost, you want working knowledge of marketing and sales; specifically, how campaigns are mounted and what constitutes “pipeline flow”.  Next, how to extract and analyze data, which has become a science unto itself and given rise to its own industry category, AKA Big Data. Finally, and here’s where Marketo enters the picture, it’s useful to implement the applications of marketing automation.

What’s the composition of your marketing group? See any resemblance to the above profile?  Any vague similiarities?  Who’s on your go-to list of outside specialists in marketing 2.0 skills and services?


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