Knowing when to say no makes for better marketing content.

Posted: September 28, 2012 in content creation, marketing, websites
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Note Says Yes

Marketing pros in and out of technology categories share much in common. This piece about the importance of not being a “yes man” in the ad business is equally true for content marketers.

We all want to please our clients and managers, get the most from tight budgets, and be known for quality work. The writer of the content wants the same things but needs to do one thing more: ensure that the right message is actually communicated.  The writer must know when that message is failing to get across, whether it’s falling short or becoming clouded by jargon, which is often the case when it comes to highly technical, arcane prose.

What Laura Lauricella has suggested for advertising account executives in the pharmaceutical business is also good advice for high-technology content creators:

  • Know your brand at least as well as the marketer who’s in charge of the project
  • Be certain of the message and keep it as simple as possible
  • Be realistic about the budget
  • Keep whatever you’re creating consistent with the strategy of the broader marketing objective
  • Be deadline driven.
  • Be an “active” listener who advocates on the reader’s (the customer’s) behalf
  • Deliver candid feedback on all answers to your questions and all comments on your drafts

Does your team proceed by these or similar guidelines?  What more can you do to make them part of your process?


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