Gigantic Solar Burst 01

To be taken seriously enough to have a fighting chance at breaking away from established competitors a new venture will always need to think of itself as an educator as much as a vendor.  This is a tried-and-true way to look larger than life.

While you may not have a lengthy track record and a long list of blue-chip customers, you must still publish web content no less compelling as what’s found on the sites of the leading players.  This is where the education factor kicks in. “Wrapping your pitch in education,” as Jess Ostroff puts it, can not only “make the medicine go down”,  it can position you as a leading light.  Consumer brands like Whole Foods uses its blog to burnish its reputation as a nutritional expert.  General Electric sponsors a variety of events to further its storied association with cutting edge innovation and technology.  You can implement the  same strategy.  Caveat: don’t push sales language.  Push information that customers can use — and remember you by.

And when it comes to the nitty-gritty content of white papers and case studies there’s no getting around the basic quality that must shine through in substance and style. In the past year, we’ve generated a variety of material for McAfee as well as lesser-known names in security like RedSeal, Sensage and Vidder.  The content standard was lofty and exacting. To compete with McAfee and Symantec (not a client), quality and credibility are inseparable. Same holds true in the red-hot category of Big Data.  Our regimen for content at EndPlay and Sumo Logic had to be as rigorous as anything associated with familiar names like IBM and EMC.  Sumo Logic rolled out its debut earlier this year as its high-profile competitor Splunk was entering its IPO’s quiet period.  Sumo had to show content that would convince customers that it, too, was a force in the Big Data world.

Early stage vendors don’t have the budget for GE-magnitude events, of course, nor do they enjoy IBM resources. But shrewd strategies and resourceful management of tactics, especially in the creation of world-class content, can still accomplish some amazing missions.


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