You Won’t Learn Anything Useful About Your Content From Anyone Who’s Not a Customer

Posted: August 8, 2012 in content creation, marketing, sales, Uncategorized, web analytics, web traffic, websites
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We’ve all seen them.  Those click-bait posts that pop up everywhere:  “What (fill in the blank) can teach us about (fill in the blank).”   Saw one today that inspires what you’re reading now. It had to do with teenagers and marketing.  This was right after seeing another one about what the “Olympics can teach about product development”, or something equally absurd.  We suppose these things must work for somebody, or else there wouldn’t be so many of them, right?  And in the interest of full disclosure we’ll admit to clicking on them from time to time.

The teenager theme, however, reminds us of something said by Don Draper, uber-cool ad exec in an early episode of “Mad Men.”  Young people, Draper observed back in the day when agencies were enthralled by the youth market (nothing’s changed!), can’t teach anybody anything for the simple that “they don’t know anything.”  Succinctly put.  We’ll go a step further and declare that no one other than your customers can teach you anything you need to know about how to use content to acquire more customers. If your web site fails to pull the visitors you’re targeting you need find out why.  If your calls to action fall short of the action you’re calling for, you need a more compelling proposition.  If the visitors you desire fail to see anything compelling and relevant, you need to ask why and find out how to improve it.

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