How to make your B2B web site talk to a variety of visitors

Posted: July 18, 2012 in content creation, content optimization, customers/buyers, web traffic, websites
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Business Body Language

To whom are you talking?


It helps to be bi-lingual in technology marketing.  In more ways than one.  Specifically, web sites need to be fluent in tech and business.

A variety of technology vendors come to  Write Angle  for web site copy, among other kinds of content.  Then, some realize that what they want to say about their brand or company isn’t everything their desired visitors need to know. Other vendors know exactly what content they need for telling a complete story to a variety of visitors.  This is true for early-stage companies as well as more established brands. In both cases, the challenge is that site visitors range from high-level business types to data-center techies.  You must engage and persuade both groups.

At the board level you’ll rarely, if ever, find many devourers of tech-heavy content.  In matters of computer security, for example, most of them don’t know or care about the technology of protection nearly as much as the protection itself.  They want to know what they are buying, what it costs and how to calibrate ROI.  So your content needs to address boardroom issues just as clearly and persuasively as the content you direct to the techies in the data center.

One practical approach to multiple audiences is a multi-tiered array of pages or sections on your site. You need to quickly lay out the business problem you solve in straight-ahead business language.  Beyond those pages, with links to detailed descriptions on other pages, you might want to discuss best practices in the technology.  What are the most important technical issues? Why are they important and how, exactly, does your approach solve them?  The level of confidence your most senior buyers must feel about your solutions will determine the technical detail that your more in-depth content should present.  Of course, in these deeper dives you must discuss the technology in technical terms but always within a business frame of reference.

The concerns and hot buttons of all the people who vet the vendor short-list determine your site’s content. So make sure it’s as broad as the readership.


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