Good content grabs the reader.  And holds on.

A new client of ours in security technology recently shared his frustration about the chronic struggle to find resources for content generation in a business environment screaming for more and more content marketing. It’s not enough to know the technology of a given domain, whether it’s security software, business intelligence or medical devices.   A content creator bent on seizing and holding a reader’s interest long enough to convey important brand messages must understand something about the product that’s at least as important as its features and price. This is the monetary return in benefits that result from the economic investment in the product in the first place. In three letters: R.O.I.  Everybody talks about it. But when it comes to putting it into readable prose, it’s suddenly elusive and slippery. Nonetheless, the need to spin a good yarn in clear, crisp, narrative storytelling is no less mandatory.

Return on investment is the plot-line of every case study, white paper, or use-case you publish. Same goes for every web page on your site.  If you fail to make your value proposition the central character,  you can’t advance the storyline. And in today’s attention-deficit world of customers smothered in messages coming down in torrents, your content must jump off the page.  You drive your stories with the value your offerings deliver and the ROI your customer enjoys.  Customers typically measure ROI by subtracting the sum of your price plus your adoption cost from the dollar amount they put on the benefit(s) they perceive.  You might calculate it some other way, but they won’t.  Your content should reflect their preference.

How do you ensure that your  ROI shines through in your content?  How do you tell the story of your value proposition in ways that grab and hold interest? Does your current library of content reflect the latest releases?


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