The key to being found online isn’t what you think it is

Posted: March 6, 2012 in content creation, Customer loyalty, customers/buyers, marketing, social media, web traffic, websites
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Savvy marketers understand that aging is great for wine and cheese, not for content on their web sites.  The implications for your content-marketing effort should be as plain as your website analytics.  Keeping all marketing content fresh, compelling and specifically relevant to more informed and better connected customers is the shortest distance to them.  Or, more accurately, the shortest route from them to you.

There’s no shortage of commentary about the effect of technology on customer behavior, but when a CEO like Zappos’ Tony Hsieh speaks it pays to pay attention:

“The future of business isn’t just about the latest technology”, said Hsieh (pronounced Shay). “It’s about market disruption and how an organization recognizes and adapts to new opportunities. If they fail to adapt, businesses will succumb to ‘digital Darwinism‘ “, he said in reference to the concept coined by author Brian Solis: that technology has given rise to a much more connected and informed customer whose behavior is changing.

A big part of this change is how these new customers find and share information amongst themselves in their purchase-decision process today. How they find the information they’re looking for is a direct result of how savvy you are in accommodating their searches and their content-consumption preferences.

It used to be that giving customers what they wanted was the key to their satisfaction, as the first step to their loyalty.  While this remains true as ever in technology marketing, there is an added requirement today that’s a function of the technology itself: we must reach out to those customers only in ways they prefer to be reached.  Don’t be digitally Darwin-ized.  Create content your customers can find on their own and want to consume. And the more often the better.


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