What a high-school reunion can teach about social-media marketing

Posted: August 23, 2011 in sales, Silicon Valley, social media, Twitter
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Class Reunion Graduation Cap

A colleague attended her HS reunion recently.  She described a vignette that sums up what not to do when utilizing social media in your marketing efforts.  She was set upon by a classmate who, in the span of about 90 seconds of monologue, made sure she, and anyone else within earshot, knew that (a) he was a Harvard MBA, (b) started his career at a high-horsepower consulting firm, (c) went on to a still higher-horsepower corporate job, and (d) had a daughter now enrolled at an exclusive prep school.  Oh, and the family had just returned from a month at their beach estate on Maui.  Before my colleague could say much of anything in response, the guy was excusing himself to go and refresh his beverage.  And regale someone else he’d recognized somewhere in mid-monologue.

The social media parallel begins and ends with the all-about-me monologue, of course.  You want to engage people. Therefore, you want to foster dialogue.  Find out what interests them and then address it as interestingly as you can.   Drop the self-promotion already.  You can then stand apart and distinct from the monologists who infest the social-media sphere today.  What are you doing to be more engaging than your competitors?  What is your market teaching you?  Where else are you learning new strategies and tactics?




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