How to get people you’re interested in get interested in you

Posted: June 7, 2011 in content creation, creating communities
Various Groups Of Collaboration

The most powerful marketing content today, the content you strive to create and publish, is the stuff that creates the right discussions in the right context among the right people.

If your content is all about your brand and your products, it’s going to fall short.  It’s not going to get the audience you’re interested in to become interested in you. Why? Because you’re missing the point of what makes content effective and memorable today, or draw attention and interest.  If your outreach is driven solely by cultivating a few opinion leaders and pushing/controlling your message  you’re not leveraging the new tools at your disposal in the new marketing environment.  Worse, you’re losing ground to competitors who are.

To Bob Duffy, senior social media strategist at Intel, it’s not about controlling the message so much as providing the message’s context .

Duffy told Social Media Explorer that brands such as his company are doing a lot of what the traditional media and industry analysts have always done: publishing what they learn from developers, for example, revealing best practices and creating connections between different tech players. Like his counterparts at other technology brands today, Duffy is creating the context for important discussions in the industry that will ultimately pay off down the road for his employer.

The takeaway for today’s marketing pros? Reach out to anyone who could be part of your community and jump-start the discussions you want to be part of.  Discussions to which you can add value and build your reputation as somebody worth engaging on a long-term basis.  Just keep in mind that what you contribute to the conversation has got be about the subject matter, not your brand.  Your community is street-wise.  It is more than capable of connecting the dots. Do as Duffy does: “We don’t try to control the conversation or message, we just want to provide the context.”

What are you doing as a marketer to instigate industry discussions and engage your communities?  What are you learning from, and sharing with, the people who matter to your brand?  What kinds of connections are you creating among them?  How do you measure results?


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