Making the business case for social marketing

Posted: May 5, 2011 in bloggers, content creation, marketing, sales, web traffic
Not Buying It

As a scarred veteran of making the case for bigger marketing budgets in marketing-skeptical companies of all size and stripe, I could empathize with my lunch companions the other day who bemoaned their company’s reluctance to embrace the tools and best practices of social media.  I reminded them that the trend was on their side and that ample data now substantiates the case that more is better when it comes to the content that drives in-bound marketing.

My caveats today, however, are pretty much what they were back in the day — when the word “blogger” would elicit blank stares or quizzical looks.  “Content is king”, in the parlance of the in-bound cult.  If so, bear in mind that ROI is still reigning emperor.  And to the extent you can show returns, you’re a member of the court.


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