Corporate blogs generate customers cheaper

Posted: April 21, 2011 in bloggers, content creation, customers/buyers, marketing, PR, sales, surveys, web traffic
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When it comes to blogging, frequency matters.

Findings released earlier this year by HubSpot bear repeating, not to mention serious management consideration at companies of any size in any industry. Right now. Nearly 800 companies, representing B2B and B2C, were studied. Among the findings: the more you blog, the better your chances of attracting more of the traffic you want.

Brands whose management has taken this seriously, e.g., CEOs who post quality content on a weekly basis, draw the most high-quality leads. Not only that, the leads drawn were less expensive to generate than those coming via other means. To the tune of 52%.  To say that this is significant is an understatement.  Cheaper generation of quality leads drives down the costs of sales.  It’s that simple. Another nugget: Practically all those companies who post multiple times a day acquired customers directly via the posts.   Even if you can’t post every day, it’s worth noting that even a weekly post generated customers.   Turns out that the most popular frequency is once a week.  Still, more is better.


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