Classic recipe for content that generates leads

Posted: April 20, 2011 in content creation, marketing, PR, sales, social media, web traffic, websites
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Easy Cooking

Ban tryptophan from your content, online or off

The three ingredients to eye-opening content:

1.  An idea that’s relevant and compelling.  What are your customers talking about today?  What do they worry about? Wish for? Lose sleep over? Rely on for comfort? Use as standards of vendor excellence and best practices?  Addressing any of the above, proactively, will get you on their radar.  How you address it determines to what extent it endears you to them.

2.  A presentation, or package, that’s engaging.  A good guideline: scan your case studies with a ruthless eye.  Or have a trusted associate outside your company, one not known for telling you what you want to hear, look it over.  Is the main character your customer or you?  Prospects don’t want to read about your product.  They want to know about the benefits it delivered to your buyer. And how they simplified your buyer’s life.  In other words, they want to read a story about someone like them, not about you.

3.  A “product” that results in re-telling.  Think of your content as product and yourself as publisher. In the publishing business, the objective is buzz about what’s published. You know content is great (remarkable) when, like a story, it is re-told. You want your customers (“readers”) to share it with like-minded customers.  So grease the skids by making your content embeddable.  Make it easily shared across all media platforms.  Brand a YouTube channel if you’ve not already done so. Remember: leads generated by in-bound marketing, e.g. their blogs, generate leads that are up to one-half the cost of leads spawned by their traditional out-bound efforts. 

What’s your recipe for lead-minded content?


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