Five must-do’s to grow web traffic

Posted: April 13, 2011 in bloggers, web analytics, web traffic, websites
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Web Marketing

Business Insider’s Bianca Male threw out some small-business website tips the other day that content creators in any size business cannot be reminded of too often.  Boiled down, here they are:

1.  Update content continually. Stale websites get pushed down in searches.  The ones whose pages feature fresh material, images, links and keywords zip upwards.

2. You can’t blog too frequently. Not only is it an automatic content refresher, it personalizes your brand with personal outreach to customers and prospects.

3. Link back to your own site. Good way to increase traffic is to add in a few links back to your own pages within the text of every new page you create. Descriptive keywords draw search-engines crawlers.  It’s another reason why blogs drive (attract) traffic.

4.  Use video and images. Because their volume is so small compared to the text that’s out there, they are especially attractive to search-engine spiders.

5. Track and analyze. Alexa and Google Analytics are simple to use and deliver invaluable information about your search standings and web traffic.  Best of all, they are free.  Use them.

What do you do to grow the right traffic on your site?


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