Five questions to ask that can make your website visitor-friendlier

Posted: April 11, 2011 in customers/buyers, marketing, vendors, web analytics, websites
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Black Boots And A Carpet

Had a couple of separate conversations this morning with former marketing colleagues, one of whom I’ve known since pre-Internet days.  Both discussions reminded me, in far different ways, of a timeless marketing-and-selling principle I learned back in the day.  It is more relevant than ever in the digital culture.  Boiled down, it is this: Make your main thing the main thing.  In terms of what you put on your website to make it visitor friendlier, your “main thing” is all about the uses and users of your product or service.  Even more than the product or service itself.  This is not an easy thing for product-driven people to wrap their heads around, but it is fundamental to success in the search-driven marketing world in which we do business.

Your visitors want to know about your products and what they do but, even more, they want to know who uses them and what specific benefits are being derived.  Appraise your site continually, particularly the home page, from the outside in.  Look at it through the same lens your visitors look through. See it through their eyes, not yours.  Then ask yourself:

1. Does our home page clearly convey at-a-glance what we do?

2. Is what we do described in terms that are compelling enough to inspire clicking through to the next logical link or page?

3. Is there vivid substantiation by way of customer commentary and case studies?

4.  Are our case studies focused on users and the good things that happened to them as a result of what they bought?  Are we publishing case studies?

5. Can a visitor easily identify with the users we spotlight and quote?  How do we know for sure?

It’s natural to want to do a little chest-thumping and self-congratulating on your web site but make no mistake.  Above all,  people want to know how people just like themselves benefited by doing businesss with you as opposed to the myriad other alternatives out there.  Appraise your site the same way you do the sites of your own prospective vendors and merchants when you’re doing your own diligence.  When you go shopping online.  In the digital culture, more so than ever, the way to attract the right customer is to be one at all times.

What do you do to make your site more visitor-friendly?


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