Two must-have website tools for converting visitors into paying customers

Posted: April 5, 2011 in bloggers, customers/buyers, sales, web analytics
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Engineering Tools

The right tools make your website pay off.  If you believe that your site is your business you can’t deny that an RSS feed and a conversion form are must-haves.  So what are they and why are they so important?

RSS stands for really simple syndication.  It’s the standard delivery mechanism for sending content to visitors who have signed up to get it.  Blogs and news feeds have used it for years because it’s fast and easy.  No website or blog should be without one.  It’s a basic tool for building a community and a following.

Same can be said for the venerable conversion form.  This is the fundamental way to get leads from your website. It’s what we all fill out when we want to sign up for anything online–from white papers to webinars.  Collecting contact information from people who come to your site is essential to say the least if you want to turn traffic into customers.  It’s the online equivalent of the business card “fishbowl” on the reception desk of your trade-show booth. Or the imprinter.  Remember those?

Finally, start to analyze your content.  It’s your moment of truth.  How do you measure up to comparable sites?  How does your traffic rank?  How are your efforts to optimize all your content benefiting your ability to generate quality leads and to grow sales?  Alexa, the online website-ratings service that’s part of, is the Nielsen of websites.  It measures traffic so you can see where you rank in your class.  Never forget, though, that it’s not a competition for traffic.  It’s a quest for customers.  And it literally pays to generate great content.


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