How to promote your website and convert visitors into customers

Posted: April 4, 2011 in bloggers, customers/buyers, web analytics
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Web Page Content

The right website content draws the right website traffic

You want to do everything you can online or off to (1) get the right people to visit your website and (2) start the process of transforming those visitors into revenue.  Remember: you are not in this to see how much traffic you can create but to make money from it.

If you’re reading this, you are doubtlessly aware than if you are not fully online across all social media platform you don’t exist.  And above all today, to “exist” is to be on Linked In.  This is a primary destination for people go to find out more about you, including who they might know who knows you or knows someone who does. So obviously you want to ensure that your blog and Twitter site are visible on your Linked In page.  Be careful, however, if you want everyone in your network to see updates every time you post and/Tweet.

The important thing is to keep content–whether it be changes to your site, blog posts or Tweets–fresh and relevant.  Let your familiarity with your customers’ interests dictate the latter at all times.  TweetMeme is a service that aggregates all the popular links on Twitter to rank their popularity. Tweets and retweets (say that fast, ten times) help drive traffic to the content you create.  Of course, your blog and your Twitter site are your prime content sources.  Use them every day to keep your stuff fresh and relevant.

Next: Spinning the straw of traffic into the gold of leads and customers or clients.



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