Best customer case studies in tech spotlight the customer

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
Sleep On A Laptop
Who needs Ambien when there are so many case studies to read?

Nobody outside your company, or the analysts who follow it, wants to read about your product’s “success story”.  What they want to read is a story about a customer, just like them, who had success.  The fact that it was your product they had success with is incidental, not central, to the story.

Knowing this difference and how to spin a yarn around it makes all the difference.  If you want the case study you are paying good money to produce to have impact, be read, be referenced and shared, mention your product only in passing.  Write about what the customer endured: the problem, the hassles, the solution and the happily-ever-after: how it improved a situation, cut costs and/or buffed revenue. Write something that readers can identify and empathize with.  Write to and for them.


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