Why it’s wise to avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
Computer Security

But I grew up in a neighborhood where we always left our keyboards unlocked…

My old pal Robert Hamilton, a product jock at Symantec, makes no bones about why using public Wi-Fi hotspots cannot be considered very cool.  Or even safe. Especially at airports, via your laptop.  Crooks have turned these venues into suckers’ paradise, according to Hamilton, who was one of the bright lights I worked with back-in-the-day at NetApp. “Some look like legitimate hot spots”, he told the New York Times’ Tanya Mohn.  “But they are set up by criminals”.  Not a comforting thought.

If you must be online wherever you are, Hamilton suggests your smart phone is the smart choice.  It’s harder to hack.  And when you get to your hotel room? Obtain a wireless access number (key) at the front desk.  Or, as Hamilton cautioned, you just might be using the network of the mysterious guests in the suite down the hall.



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