How not to suck at social marketing

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
Mercedes Retro Car

Maybe it should come as no surprise that one of the world’s definitive luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz, showed the way when it comes to how to think about–and implement–the social Net.  What does this portend for the non-luxury B2B world?  That it may take time to build the following you want but when you start to roll you can become a juggernaut.  Maybe not in Mercedes terms, but organic growth will occur.  It took M-B almost a year to build its community to 500,000.  Then, in a matter of a few weeks, they topped a million.  These are the people Mercedes would not and could not have reached out and touched any other way today.

Astonishing how many brands who should know better stumble, fumble and bumble as they look for love (or “Likes”) in all the wrong places.  They view social media simply as more channels to megaphone their way to people’s attention–in a world of attention deficit. In this interview, brainy Brian Solis extracts some news you can use from the dude who was social-media point man for the German carmaker.  Good stuff.


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