How to spread your content, according to TED Conference producer

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
Viral Marketing - People On Computers
Hard to believe that the TED Conference has been celebrating technology, entertainment and design since 1984.  It wasn’t until 2006 that it took hold of popular imagination.  That’s when TED began posting its videos online. What was once an elite gathering became an open ecosystem with an audience/community of more than 100 million participants worldwide.

The move to an open-media channel enabled TED to grow in a way that would have never been possible any other way, according to conference producer June Cohen.

After releasing content for free and flouting every precept of luxury brand marketing, TED events actually sold out faster at a higher price.  So what began as an altruistic effort to spread ideas had the salubrious effect of rocket-fueling the business.

How can you apply this approach to your business today?  You can start by enabling your content–videos, podcast, audio, photographic, you name it–to be embeddable.  This encourages rapid spread.  Whatever you put on your web site, put on a branded YouTube channel, embeddable players and downloads.

Said Cohen:

No matter where they are and how they access information, your customers and prospects must be enabled to learn from you.

Don’t be afraid of losing control.  As a business, consider all the ways that enable others to build on your content and ideas.

Mobile content, which means small screens, is critical today so you must consider it from the beginning.  I.e., use tight close-up shots because they will be viewed on smartphones. 

Start Strong: Don’t dilute your content with introductions. Get straight to the meat.

— Inspire sharing the old fashioned way: appeal to viewer emotions and a sense of noble purpose.  Give people something to share that can put them in good stead with their friends and contacts.


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