How to make B2B sales and marketing more productive right now

Posted: March 9, 2011 in bloggers, customers/buyers, marketing, sales, social media, vendors
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Clock Face And Phones
That almost any B2B vendor today must still be sold on the value of a business blog seems counter-intuitive.  Especially an I.T. vendor. It was info-tech, after all, that gave us the new world of marketing, media and communication.  Still, there are laggards out there.  I heard this morning about one that just hired a sales guy to smile and dial.  Which is great.  Problem is, poor guy represents their entire “marketing” effort: it’s exclusively out-bound in a world of buyers who are growing more and more resistant to such pitches.

The folks at HubSpot came up with some pretty compelling numbers in a recent study of 722 companies.   A few highlights:

–Companies surveyed had a cost-per-lead that was 62% lower when the lead was generated by their blog, LinkedIn site and branded YouTube channel compared to a lead generated by cold-calling, tradeshows, and direct mail.

–Two out of three companies using blogs said they generated leads directly from the blog.

–85% said that blogging was useful, important or critical to their lead generation effort.  Nearly one out of every three described their business blog as “critical to sales”.

Buyers go online today to find out about products, services and vendors.  You can’t “sell” to them anymore, they “buy” from you based mainly on what they find out. On their own. More and more vendors are wising up to this. Stands to reason that these vendors will drive down selling costs to the extent that they are aggressively identifying themselves with whatever their prospective buyers are looking for.

Translation: The new sales or biz-dev guy will be significantly more productive with the right in-bound program in place (read: customer-minded blog content and other social media).  Otherwise, he’s dialing for fewer dollars and he’s more expensive than he could or should be.


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