Growing your business-blog readership: tips for attracting an audience

Posted: October 12, 2010 in bloggers, marketing, social media
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Hubspot’s tips to get your business content out there are good reminders that nothing useful comes from hiding in plain site.  And once again, common sense prevails:
1. Go to family and friends first. AKA, employees and customers.  They know you, trust you, and most will be only to happy to be a force-multiplier on your behalf.  Ask them to comment on your posts or post something themselves.  Note: inquire in advance about the way they want to be reached (email, etc.).   They are also the people who can be sources of your blog material.  Don’t be shy. 

2. Merchandise your link. Incorporate it into your email signature and business card for starters.  But think how else you can give it visibility.

3.  Be a guest blogger – Include a link back to your blog as a credit for your contribution. This strengthens your search engine authority, widens your audience, and drives additional traffic to your blog.

4. Be active online – Example: a LinkedIn group or a more traditional online forum. Use tools like BoardReader to identify online communities consisting of your target audience, and then listen and become active in those groups. Don’t promote your blog– just answer questions to establish yourself as a thought leader. As you do this, other members will check out your profile (which should include a link to your blog) and may even subscribe.

5.  Drop names – Industry watchers, analysts and  influencers know when their name is mentioned.  Mentioning influencers in your content increases your chances of being mentioned to their audience.

6. Investigate content networks – Content networks are sites and services that exist to aggregate content on a certain topic. Example:Networked Blogs, a service that allows blog authors to syndicate their blog content. Many industries also have their one content networks, often run by industry trade publications. Determine the best content networks for your blog.

7. Invite guest contributors – By inviting guest authors to contribute to your blog, you are creating an opportunity for them to also share your blog with their online and offline networks. Regularly including them can help increase your new visitor traffic.

8. Run a contest – They work because people like them. Just make sure yours is easy to enter. The prize could be as simple as a free-gift bag related to your business. The contest could be for sharing a link to your blog with others, for leaving the most comments, or something else that engages your readers.

9. Mix-up the content – Include audio, video, and animation and cartoons. Upload video to YouTube and embed it video into a blog article. You also increase exposure to that new readers that may visit your blog.


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