What gripes CIOs the most about tech vendors

Posted: September 9, 2010 in CIOs, Facebook, sales, surveys
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A survey we co-conducted earlier this year with CIO Executive Council and  CIO Magazine revealed that I.T. executives have had it with the lack preparation by unsolicited vendors who, in tough times, have become more aggressive than ever.  In fact, it was the number one gripe of the CIOs we surveyed. Unwanted inquiries and spam are inundating the data center today. Sixty percent of the nearly 300 CIOs who responded to the survey, representing the likes of DuPont, MetLife and Bank of America, say that cold calls are the most annoying thing they experience with vendors. Seventy percent complain that the calls, and the email spam, are becoming much more prevalent.   CIO.com showcased the research findings in a webinar last February.  It was hailed by buyers and vendors alike for its candor and practical tips.  Put simply, vendors can do themselves a big favor by finding out the most pressing issues and needs of the prospect.  (Isn’t this what the Internet is for?)  CIOs can use permission-based filters to ensure that legitimate inquiries get through.  Seems that some I.T. buyers have mixed feelings about these issues.  They need to stay current on vendors, deals and offers but hesitate to take that phone call.  So how about a subscription Web page where a vendor can state their case and engage, Facebook-like, with a prospect more conveniently (read: less intrusively)?  What do you think?


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