The seven personality traits of a successful marketer in the social mediasphere

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

If the social Web is a tavern and not a conference room, why do so many marketers still walk in and want to show slides?

1.  ACTIVE LISTENING. Tune in, turn up your gain and hear what people are saying about you, your competitors and your category.

2.  NEED FOR SPEED. The era of the “embargo” is past.  The news cycle is perpetual and relentless.  He (or she) who hesitates is lost.  Put this to work for you, don’t work against it.

3.  EXUBERANCE. Be an enthusiastic facilitator of social-media conversations.  Encourage your employees, partners, shareholders and customers to engage and further the discussions.  You can’t win if you don’t play and if this makes you queasy, don’t climb aboard.

4. AUTHENTICITY. The digital culture has a nose for frauds.  Mislead or misrepresent at your peril.

5.  GENEROSITY. Link to other sites.  Create and/or share great content.  Think in terms of service and support.  It is coin of the realm.

6. FLEXIBILITY. As nature abhors a vacuum, the social Web will make life unbearable for those who can’t roll with the punches, the ribbing and the needling.

7.  SENSE OF HUMOR. As implied in #6, taking yourself seriously is seriously inconsistent with the milieu.  The rough-and-tumble of the social Web is to business-as-usual as The Colbert Report is to Meet the Press.


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