The questions every company should ask itself about social-media marketing.

Posted: August 19, 2010 in customers/buyers, marketing, social media
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The way you are already marketing on the social Web probably deserves a closer look.

With apologies to JFK and deep gratitude to Jay Baer, here’s a list of questions that a lot of companies should be asking — and not asking — themselves about social-media marketing.  Specifically, how it applies to them, their customers and their brands:

1.  Ask not what the hot new trend is in social media, ask how you can
optimize and improve the social-media programs you already have in place.

2.  Ask not the best way to get the most possible Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers, ask how you can encourage existing customers to truly engage with you online.

3.  Ask not how you can make a viral video that gets thousands of views, ask how you can
optimize a video so that your prospects can quickly find it in a search.

4.  Ask not how much money you should transfer from the email budget to social media, ask how you can best integrate email and social media so that the whole exceeds the sum of the parts.

5.  Ask not how you can convince the CEO that you know your stuff when it comes to social technology, ask how you can create content in multiple forms and locations that demonstrates your expertise.

6. Ask not for the budget to hire a social-media expert, ask how you can distribute social-media knowledge across the entire company — including continuous training and knowledge sharing.

7.  Ask not how you can create a super-viral campaign, ask how you can
develop a sustainable, perpetual strategy that turns your customers into your most vocal cheerleaders — your auxiliary salesforce.

8. Ask not how to find the most influential bloggers and get them to write about you, ask how to find existing customers who are passionate about your products — and turn them into active evangelists.


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