What do angels look for today?

Posted: June 28, 2010 in PR, sales, Silicon Valley
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The crowd of thousands cheer as Dykes on Bikes leads the ... Lacy Atkins / The Chronicle

Above, no validation necessary of course.

Seth Godin is one of my favorite digital-culture pundits.  His thinking is clear, compelling, purposeful and always relevant.  Gotta take issue with him on this one, however, about the notion of validation.  Maybe it’s just semantics issue I have with him in the context of his post, but in my humble experience the first thing people want from you is validation.  It is, after all, “validating”.  Investors want to know if there’s a market, demand, and/or relevance.  Now more than any time I can recall.  Sure, if you want to write your book, paint your painting, publish your blog, etc., you don’t need an “OK” from your betters on Sand Hill Road, the membership committee, or the planning commission.  But if you’re soliciting an angel, better have some proof points at the ready.  Get your concept validated.


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