Seven steps to a reputation as a ROI marketing-and-sales pro

Posted: June 16, 2010 in CIOs, customers/buyers, marketing, sales
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ROI:  the expressway to executive hearts.

We hear regularly from CIOs whose gripes about salespeople and marketers typically contain the the letters ROI, as in return on investment.  More specifically, they will tell us how R.O.I. is M.I.A. from too many sales pitches.   A value proposition that doesn’t address a return on the buyer’s investment is a rudderless, leaky boat.  It just drifts.  Then it sinks. Here are seven things to keep in mind:

1.  Find out how your prospect makes money.  If your offering contributes to this, explain why and how.

2.  Help your prospect build a business case for the purchase.  Example:  Reduce the cost of _____, while increasing ________.

3.  Make financial reasons for buying your stuff absolutely clear.  IT salespeople should know that technology metrics will never find the heart of a CFO, but a focus on financial metrics just might.

4.  Show the CIO (or anyone you’re selling to) how to calculate the ROI.   Calculate the cost of NOT purchasing and compare it to how the customer gains by buying.

5.  Talk economic benefits of ownership.  If you discuss features,  link them to specific financial outcomes.

6.  Help the CIO and CFO visualize changes in their company’s business model and how it gets improved with your solution.

7.  If you’re pitching the CEO, use a one-page exec summary.  If it’s the CFO, show the detailed ROI analysis. Share the application benefit(s) with the users.

Have we missed anything?

  1. Jerry Davis says:

    Hi Stan, great content… and we should hook up in person at some point…

    Jerry Davis

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