The best way to get meetings with CIOs and I.T. buyers

Posted: June 15, 2010 in CIOs, customers/buyers, marketing, sales
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steve jobs

OK, CIOs would probably take a cold call from Steve but you’re not Steve.

Seth Godin, A.K.A. the world’s most wanted marketing dude, reminds us again that Starbuck’s became successful one cup at a time, one store at time.   It wasn’t suddenly discovered by Oprah or blessed by Warren Buffet.  Like achievers of all stripe, it took them years to become overnight successes.  He specifically cautions entrepreneurs, or anyone else with something to sell, to hope for that bolt of lightning that will change your destiny is a sucker bet.  You owe yourself much more:

“Here’s another way to think about it…amaze the customers you can already reach, dazzle (those) who already trust you enough to listen to you. Take the permission you have and work your way up. Leaps look good in the movies, but in fact, success is mostly about finding a path and walking it one step at a time.”

So, as a vendor, what’s your experience here?  Do you count on lucky breaks or do you focus on the little things? If you’re a buyer, what does it take to get an audience with you?


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