Fastest way to improve email marketing.

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

The golden rule is “golden” for a reason.  It’s perpetually relevant.  Yes, even when it comes to unsolicited sales outreach like email marketing.  Thus, a tip for email marketers:  Be a giver of the kind of stuff (AKA “content”) that you like to receive.  News you can use.  Associate your “brand” with immediate and personal utility. Tips for making somebody’s business life simpler and more productive.  Meaty stuff on saving time, money, being better at what you do, solving problems, dealing with recalcitrant employees or managing overbearing superiors.  Managing mundane day-to-day crap and annoyance.  People will actually open it. Send unto others what you would have sent unto you.   You’ll be amazed how far it will take you.


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