Three ways to control cold-callers and email marketers

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Be not deceived! According to recently declassified NSA r... Handout

Aren’t there better ways to show solicitors who’s boss?

Fact: As long as a small percentage of salespeople are successful with B2B cold calls and e-mail spam, neither will ever go away.  Companies on the receiving-end can continue to do what they are doing, or implement simple processes to control the situation.

1.  Use permission-based spam filters, so that the promising and respectful vendors’ messages do come through.

2.  Direct e-mailers and callers to a supplier portal that requires them to articulate their value proposition and cite an example of a similar customer for whom they delivered quantifiable and relevant value.

3. Be more willing to “reward” your best vendors with detailed case studies that relate the value you received from them and thus help your peers and colleagues elsewhere better screen solicitations and develop potentially valuable business relationships with vendors.

These, and other recommendations, are contained in a report of a months-long study of CIOs and the vendors who hound them.  Get it here, or call 650-823-7469.


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