Ten tips for more productive sales calls to CIOs

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Blue Angels over the Bay

If the Blue Angels are roaring overhead, try calling later.

Barbara Safani, owner of Career Solvers, has useful tips for job seekers on how to ace phone interviews.  Seems to me that vendors pushing their wares via telesales share much in common with the folks being grilled telephonically by hiring managers.  To wit:

  1. Conduct the conversation when and where you won’t be distracted.
  2. Use a landline.
  3. Create an “office space” if you don’t have one: be seated in quiet environment (see #1).
  4. If possible, put a mirror in front of you to monitor your facial expressions, enthusiasm, etc.
  5. Have water nearby.
  6. Have your notes in front of you, but do not sound “scripted”.
  7. Vary your voice to convey interest and develop rapport.
  8. Use pauses during answers, not silence, effectively.
  9. Listen.  And focus 100% on the conversation. Do not multitask.
  10. Practice using a recorder to detect “ums” and to establish effective tempo and rhythm.

There is nothing in the above that doesn’t support the research we’ve done on vendor outreach to CIOs and buyers of I.T. gear.  In fact, it’s totally consistent.


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