Theresa Schnetz, executive assistant to the CIO at a large hospital in California,  says that sales calls have increased significantly during the recession and that the cold-callers “are more assertive and sneaky”.

She cites the common tactic used by more and more callers pretending to be a personal friend of her boss, for example.  “They pretend they know (him); they speak casually. For example, ‘Hey, it’s Karen. Is Randy there?’”

Of course, the spike in cold calls during a time when business is bad, cannot be blamed only on new technology, tools and lists that are for sale; other sources of prospect data include enticing website visitors to submit contact
information when they download a white paper.
And CIOs are noticing that this trade is happening with much greater frequency. “I find myself looking at fewer articles where they demand my phone number to read their article, because of the unwanted follow-up. IT people need to be able to learn about new products without being immediately harassed to purchase them,” says Fran White, director of IT at M. Rothman & Company. “I feel that vendors
are losing sales because of their hard-sell tactics.”

The findings above are part of study conducted recently by CIO Executive Council and CIO Magazine in collaboration with my firm.  Download it here and find out how CIOs want to be approached today.


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