What iPad will and won’t do

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Apple, value propositions
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steve jobs, ipad, editorial sidebar

Watched Walt Mossberg describe the iPad in favorable, but measured, terms today a few hours after I read a favorable but calm review in in the SF Chron. There’s no doubt that the “pad” platform delivers a useful new way of consuming the ‘net.  Still, I’m left wondering about the arrival of the tipping point.  When will the new, new thing arrive that will have an irresistible value proposition for those of us who don’t stand in line outside Apple Stores?  What will that tablet have to contain that will obsolete our laptops the way laptops liberated us from one-location desktops?  Whatever it is, it doesn’t feel like it’s there yet.  But the stake-in-the-ground surely is.


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