You can’t avoid C.R.A.P. so put it to work for you

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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With apologies to PR hot-shot Todd Defren, while you can’t actually duck what Richard St. John describes as “criticism, rejection, assholes and pressure” you can learn to live with them.  More than this, you can turn them to your advantage.  First, watch St. John’s video made at a TED conference some years ago (link above).  It’s a list of reminders about how successful people, from Goldie Hawn to Rupert Murdoch, got to be that way.  Nothing new here but being reminded never hurts, especially when it comes with a few laughs.    The late Jack Elway, father of John, a head coach I knew personally when he was taking the Stanford Football team to the 1986 Gator Bowl, once told an interviewer that one of the things you must do to be successful at anything is to ignore the people who tell you that something’s impossible.  For me, to remain single-minded, focused, and passionate in the face of rejection, self-doubt, criticism and endless obstacles is so tough because it’s so lonely.   Listen to Steve Winwood:

When there’s no one left to leave you
Even you don’t quite believe you
That’s when nothing can deceive you

While you see a chance take it
Find romance fake it
Because it’s all on you

Indeed, it is all on us.


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