What CIOs hate the most about getting cold calls from I.T. vendors

Posted: January 20, 2010 in CIOs, customers/buyers, surveys, value propositions, vendors
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The results are in from a survey co-conducted by CIO Magazine and us.   Seems that I.T. executives are fed up with the lack preparedness by cold-callers who are becoming more ever more aggressive.   It’s their number-one gripe.  And the calls are flooding in these days at a greater rate than ever. Sixty percent of the 277 CIOs who responded to the survey, representing the likes of DuPont, MetLife and Bank of America, say that cold calls are the most annoying thing they experience with vendors. Seventy percent complain that the calls, and the email spam, are becoming more prevalent.  The survey will be the subject of a teleconference moderated by CIO Magazine on Wednesday, February 10 at 1PM (ET).   It will feature some of the execs who surveyed, and a panel of vendors.  It should get interesting.  An exec summary of the survey is available from Turner DeVaughn Network.


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