Getting people to say nice things about your brand. Or about you.

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Customer loyalty, customers/buyers, marketing, PR, social media

The people at HubSpot (“In-bound marketing”) do a nice job of explaining, teaching, and generally being a useful resource.  They also delivered one of those the-more-things-change-the-more-they-remain-the-same moments for me today.    What I mean is, long and ago and far away one of my advertising professors at San Jose State defined public relations as “getting people to say nice things about you”.

On today’s HubSpot, the following:  “Today, it’s not what you say about yourself that matters, but what others say about you. Dominos put millions into advertising this year, but it was the stories that came from their employees that did the most to define their brand.

“Chest thumping doesn’t work on social media. You have to do the hard work — the cultivation — that gives other people reasons to talk about your brand on social media for you.”

In fact, “chest-thumping” never did work.  At least not to the extent that the chest-thumpers wanted to believe.  Thus, the invention and growth of effective PR in the first place.

Read this HubSpot piece to get their take on the steps can you take to encourage other people to talk about your brand online.


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