Getting a job at Google. Leaving a job at Google.

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Silicon Valley

Silicon Alley Insider is obsessed with the so-called exodus of brains at Google, as though the mere thought of leaving the Googleplex is, ipso-facto, is unthinkable.  What’s the big deal, I ask?

People, especially in The Valley, have been departing really, really great jobs at great companies for a generation.  H-P, Fairchild, Intel, Apple, which long before Steve Jobs was a cult hero, employed defectors from H-P, Fairchild and Intel. And Cooper Laboratories and National Semi and Procter&Gamble and lots of other places.  Intel spun out of Fairchild.  Dozens of upstarts were begat by Intel.  So it goes.  A lot of folks have made tons of money at Google and devoted years of their young lives there.  They now leaving for the same reason they were attracted: because they were brilliantly talented, ambitious and inclined toward uncharted waters.  How do you think all those aforementioned companies got started in the first place? It’s the natural order of things.


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