Amazon buys Zappos: If the shoe fits…

Posted: July 27, 2009 in Uncategorized
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We were interested in last week’s news about Amazon’s purchase of online retailer Zappos.  In doing research for our book last year, NET Value, we learned that Zappos was not your garden-variety online retailer.  Instead, its model was pretty much what’s was, and is.  It wanted to be known as a service company that just happened to sell shoes, handbags, and everything else.  And like Amazon, Zappos realized that the “customer experience” should deliver everything a buyer wants.  Good fit for both companies.  Future value for customers, value now for shareholders.  Zappos understood, from its beginnings, the importance of the Net Promoter metric touted by Satmetrix.  It’s not enough to have satified customers.  What you want are customers who are loyal: the ones who’ll recommend you to their friends.


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