Where jobs in marketing are today and how to find one

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Take it from recruiters such as John Younger: the more specific and narrow your focus, the better your chances for finding a job in a very tough job market.   More and more people with jobs report that their own assignments, while having become more demanding, have still become more tightly defined.  It’s always been open season on marketing budgets, but now more than ever.  Companies, in various degrees of panic, are either (a) not spending anything, or (b) spending only on people and projects with very circumscribed definitions.  Think of going out to buy a piece of clothing based on thread count.  In your interview, or in your pitch for new business, the more knowledge you can get about the need that requires filling the better.  Only then can you be specific and definitive about what you want to do, what you’ve done and what it produced, as in incremental revenue, new customers, and marketshare (not “awareness” ) to a degree that makes you attractive.  Hiring managers, and potential clients, are under a bigger gun than ever to hire based on a list of specs.  Experience shows that this doesn’t always net the best person, but it makes the hiring company feel as though it did its diligence.  Pay heed.

  1. drewhawkins says:

    having a lot of experience reaching consumers in different ways helps too. i gained social media marketing experience just promoting a video i had made in a contest and saw huge results. brought it up in interviews and that initiative impressed employers to some extent

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