How to use social media. How not use social media.

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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In PR and marketing and advertising, there are classic cases of how-to-do-it.  Apple comes to mind, of course.  Then there are the cases of how-not-to-do-it, of which there are countless examples.   And then there are the cases representing an object lesson in both.   May I present Murphy-Goode, a winery north of San Francisco, as the poster outfit for how-to and how-not-to utilize social media in marketing.  You can read about it here. Part of Jess Jackson’s empire, MG was reaping a PR bonanza for months with its online campaign to recruit a “lifestyle correspondent” to blog and tweet and do all things digital to promote the brand.  The next sound it heard was the crack of a large backfire.    Seems that some of the job seekers, Internet celebrities in their own right, thought of themselves as “contestants” in the style of American Idol.  They mobilized and enlisted their blogosphere/Twitter followers to vote for them.   The company, on the other hand, while recruiting a digital-media superstar, had been reserving the right to hire the  right candidate, not necessarily the one most adept at mounting the most powerful  campaign, in the way that a digital-media superstar could and would certainly do.  Today, the winery folks are really hearing it from online movers and shakers eager to remind the Winery folks about the rules of social media.  Rule Number One: Don’t Ignore the Players.  To me, though, the ultimately irony was this: here’s a winery about to hire what amounts to marketing dude, or dudette, and it just terminated the job of the marketing guy who conceived this PR coup in a cost-cutting move.  Go figure.


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