It’s hardly news that organizations of all kinds are finding ways to cut costs today and trying to boost productivity.  But they realize that some amount of a vendor’s unsolicited outreach is appropriate and potentially useful, even if it’s a drag on productivity.  They key is to screen the solicitation for conformance with the real requirements of the organization.   Outsourcing the receipt and screening of cold calls is one solution.

To weigh-in with your thoughts on cold calls, click here to take our brief survey.

Participation in the survey may represent a significant step forward in establishing a solution within your industry. Outsourcing is one option and free-of-charge when the service provider charges the callers. The service screens the calls for relevance and value and reports the findings back to the parties who are called. They key is to screen the solicitation based on the needs of the business.

Screeners can’t make cold calling go away, but they can unburden you and ensure that work time is devoted to actually accomplishing work.

Note:  the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA), has adapted these posts  and published them here.


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