Book excerpt below from NET Value: How to Profit As the Digital Culture Changes Your Value Proposition by Steve Turner and Stan DeVaughn (2008):

“It was no secret that (Steve) Jobs had been spellbound for years by the offerings of Sony Corporation and the way the Japanese consumer electronics giant seemed to churn out one irresistible product after another.  (Stan) DeVaughn remembers him being particularly enthralled by the Sony Walkman, the iPod of its day, and as “whole” a product as technology (and the recording industry) would permit at the time.  Looking back, DeVaughn can only wonder what Jobs was thinking and planning as the chairman was furiously launching the Macintosh, surrounded by Apple employees with their Walkmans clipped to their belts and wired to headphones as they grooved to Men at Work or Talking Heads. “

Indeed.  The Walkman was the iPod of its day.  And, like the iPod, a “whole” product — everything you need is already there to begin enjoying the benefit you paid for.


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