Sell painkillers, not vitamins

Posted: June 30, 2009 in Uncategorized
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“Find a need and fill it” is timeless advice for entrepreneurs.  In today’s economy, there’s a more instructive expression: “Find out where it hurts and kill the pain”.

There’s ample opportunity for pain relief in the financial services industry today.  Specialists who deliver services in leasing, payment and foreclosures, for example, are doing brisk business. Same for health care where services in nursing, mental health, and home health-care  continue to grow.  Business-training services are up over 400 percent this year compared to ’08. Energy services firms are sustaining rapid growth—especially the ones pursuing clean technology energy sectors.

Just remember this. If you want to ease somebody’s pain, don’t offer a vitamin pill. People today will pay only to relieve what’s hurting them today, not the preventive medicine for what may or may not befall them in the distant future.


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